Summer Creative Arts Day Camp

The Center on Central was featured in a “coolest camps” segment by Jennaphr Frederick on Fox 29′s Good Day Philadelphia show!


(same themes are taught with shorter class periods for pre-schoolers age 3-1/2 through 5)

Weekly themes are as follows (ciick on the links to register):

June 12-16***: The Not-So-Secret Life Of Animals
Discover what your beloved animals do when you are not home – with various funny drawings of cats, dogs, fish, turtles, birds, and hamsters. We will also create cute crafts including all of your favorite pets! Toward the end of the week, we will use our skills to draw a dog eating spaghetti and finish our creation with pastel.

June 19-June 23: Medieval Madness
Travel back in time to learn about wizards, dragons, princes and queens. This week we will draw knights with their horses, thrones, costumes, and scaled fire-breathing animals! Crafts will relate to kings, golden goblets, and much more! We will end the week with a pastel drawing of a large stone castle with a drawbridge.

June 26-June 30: Infinitely Beyond Earth
Leave for space this week with multiple moon landing and alien drawings! We will create outer space inspired crafts to transport you to another universe, and we will also be creating our own UFO to search for life on other planets! An amazing pastel rocket will conclude this fun week of out of this world adventure!

July 5-7****: All-American Party
This week will consist of drawings including American presidents and other popular icons. We will recreate many famous masterpieces done by artists born in the United States. Our crafts will involve the American flag, The Statue of Liberty, and glittery fireworks! To celebrate the 4th of July, we will experiment with pastels to draw our country’s national bird, the bald eagle.

July 10-14: Let it Snow
Winter has come early and we will prepare this week with multiple snow-related drawings! From reindeer sledding to marshmallows shoveling snow, this cool week will be filled with fun. We will be creating warm hot cocoa with paper and cotton balls! A tall pastel snowman will finish of the winter-inspired week.

July 17-21: Food is Fun
This week is stuffed with anything and everything related to food! We will be drawing squirrels eating acorn sandwiches and a detailed movie theater snack table. We will also create pizza and ice cream crafts to go with the theme. At the end of the week, we will be drawing a fruit and vegetable still life that we will color with pastels.

July 24-28: Animal Safari
This week our tour guide will take us on an exciting expedition through jungles and swamps to discover a world of interesting animals. We will be drawing alligators, koala bears, lions and elephants. Our crafts will consist of monkeys swinging on vines, giraffes, and hippos! We will include a beautiful pastel zebra too!

July 31-August 4: Take Flight
Get your passports ready, because this week we will be traveling all around the Earth with our pencils. We will be drawing famous world landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China. We will make planes and suitcases for crafts too! A pastel globe at the end of the week will help us plan our future travels.

August 7-11: The Art of Cartooning
This week is all about the exciting world of cartoon characteristics. We will learn the steps that a cartoonist might take when making a picture by creating our very own comic strip! We will draw funny scenes of cartoon people and animals to further understand cartooning. A pastel at the end of the week will be a still life of an artist’s supplies.

August 14-18: Embracing the Outdoors
This week we will be inspired by nature! We will use recycled materials to create amazing sculptures and crafts. Found objects like sticks, leaves, flowers and sand will be used to create images too! We will draw trees, mountains, and people camping. Pastels will be used to make a beautiful landscape scene.

August 21-25: Down by the Sea – SOLD OUT
We will beat the heat this week by cooling off with beach inspired drawings! People surfing the waves and a beautiful boat sailing in front of a setting sun are some of the many pictures we will draw to transport us to the sea. Crafts about sea creatures and flip flops will add to the fun. We will draw shells scattered across the sand with pastels too!

August 28-September 1: Sports Center on Central
This week will be drawing people playing soccer and guarding a hockey net. A fun cartoon of a karate kid and a figure skater will show you all of the diverse sports found in the world. Crafts will relate to fun games too! We will draw a sports-themed picture at the end of the week and color it with pastels.

*age splits subject to change based on enrollment
***daily registration available June 12-16, due to different end-of-school dates in the area; daily cost is $45 per 1/2 day or $79 per full day
****3-day registration this week (you will receive prorated tuition because camp does not meet on July 3-4)

Click here to register, or feel free to scroll down for more information; the registration form is also at the bottom of this page.


Each day, the morning session begins at 9:15am and runs until 12:15pm. We will complete a Young Rembrandts drawing lesson and a cartooning lesson, and take a snack break and a recess break.



We will also enjoy some of the following activities: arts and crafts, beading, cooking, drama, yoga and outdoor games*


In the afternoon session, which runs from 1:00pm-4:00pm, we will complete a different Young Rembrandts drawing lesson and a cartooning lesson, and take a snack break and a recess break.

We will also enjoy some of the following activities: arts and crafts, beading, drama, yoga and outdoor games – along with afternoon exclusives – pottery and water play*

*creative arts modalities subject to change from day to day and week to week, based on staff availability.


Pottery is always a popular activity

We make fun and delicious snacks like this edible robot!

Hawaii week art show

Campers and parents all look forward to the Friday afternoon art show
just before pick-up time!



Pottery Specialty Camp (limited to 10 campers per week) also returns this summer, running either 9:00am-12:00pm or 1:00pm-4:00pm during selected weeks this summer, with different themes and age groups. Summer Creative Arts Camp is only $170 more for the half-day opposite your registration for a Pottery Specialty Camp, if you desire a full-day camp experience.

We also will have additional specialty camps in subjects such as Fashion Design, Jewelry-Making and Painting.


Our pre-school camp will exclusively use the Young Rembrandts® step by step drawing methodology within weekly themes to create wonderful drawings. This drawing class will be limited to 3-1/2 – 5 year olds. We will be active with yoga, zumba, active music making and outdoor play during our “specials” each day. We may join the older campers for some of these activities but our ratio will always remain no more than 6 pre-school campers to 1 counselor/teacher in this age grouping.

Sample Pre-school schedule:
9:15-10:00 arts project in pottery studio
10:00-10:30 snack (provide your own) and outdoor time
10:30-11:15 Young Rembrandts® drawing or cartooning lesson
11:15-12:00 “Specials” beading, cooking, yoga, drama, games, music
12:15-1:00 LUNCH (bring your own/pizza order on selected days)
1:00 “Specials” to include cooking, yoga, Zumbatomic® or drama
2:00 outdoor games or arts and crafts activity
2:45 Young Rembrandts® drawing or cartooning lesson
3:15 Music or yoga
4:00 dismissal

Sample schedule for children going into K-6th grades:
9:15-10:30 Young Rembrandts Drawing or cartooning lesson
10:30 snack (provide your own) and outdoor time
11:00-12:15 Specials
12:15-1:00 LUNCH (bring your own/pizza order on selected days)
1:00 Specials
2:00 Young Rembrandts® drawing or cartooning lesson
2:45 outdoor games and snack time
3:15-4:00 arts and crafts and drawing completion time



Tuition per week is $225 for ½ days (either 9:15-12:15 or 1:00-4:00) and $395 for full days (9:15-4:00). Full day rate includes Lunch Bunch (bring your own). Lunch Bunch option with ½ days is $250 per week (either 9:15-1:00 or 12:15-4:00). Before/after care is available (start at 8:15 for am or full day campers and/or end at 5:00 for pm or full day campers at $25 per week for each of the am and/or pm extended day options).

MEMBERS receive 10% off the cost of every program at The Center on Central, including camps.



“My 7 1/2 yr old daughter had so much fun at The Center on Central this morning. Loved the staff and loved the activities. The Center on Central is definitely the ‘coolest’ – not just in the temperature but in all the great activities and excellent staff!”
N.T., parent of a summer camper

“Both of my kids attended and both loved drawing and pottery. I truly never heard any complaints from them, as they were always excited to go back for another day! This was our first summer camp experience at The Center On Central, and we were extremely happy with the class selections and the friendly and knowledgeable staff and counselors. Great facility, great people!”
T.S., parent of 2 summer campers

“The Center on Central’s Summer Creative Arts Day Camp has a great mix of creative and physical activities. Throughout the week, my daughter talked a lot about going to the nearby park, and Zumba, and water day – which were all very fun for her. When the end of the week arrived, she was so proud of her artwork and was excited to explain how she created it. It seemed like she was saving this surprise for me when I arrived for pick-up on Friday, when the kids put on their end-of-week art show. Bravo!”
G.L., parent of a summer camper

All of the people at The Center on Central are really nice and it’s fun!
Evelyn, age 9

I loved volunteering at The Center on Central because the counselors and campers are really nice. We also did a lot of fun activities. I plan to come back next summer!
Paula, a teen volunteer

I haven’t been here long at The Center on Central…one thing I love is that my expectations of the children’s artwork have already been exceeded!
Megan, an art instructor

I just wanted to say thank you not only for hiring me, but also for investing in me and in the profession I am pursuing.  I am currently student teaching this semester, and now that I am actually in the classroom, I am getting the chance to use some of the techniques I learned from working under your supervision at creative arts camp. I have grown to love teaching, and i know being an instructor at camp at The Center on Central helped developed that passion in me.
Maranatha, an art instructor

Check out more reviews on Google and Yelp…and feel free to add your own after taking part in an activity at The Center on Central.



What parents are saying about our after-school program:

“I was impressed with the very first art class they had. When they brought home their pictures, I was amazed at the detail. I couldn’t believe they did it themselves!” N.N.

“Our daughter has always enjoyed drawing and seems to have a natural ‘like’ here. Her pictures look so professional and she is developing her sense not only of drawing but of color.” L.S.

“We are very happy with the program and our kids really enjoy a structured art lesson in addition to what they do at school.” J.B.

“We have been enrolled in several sessions and the kids love the program. Thank you for providing this service.” A.P.

“My two children absolutely love attending this program. My youngest used to sit at the kitchen table and attempt to ‘copy’ what his older sister did in class. I was very happy that they opened it to younger students and that the owner was so flexible about allowing my youngest to try it first. My kitchen is decorated with several years’ worth of Young Rembrandts artwork and I wouldn’t have it any other way!” C.M.


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