Specialty camps: Pottery and Fashion Design

We run a variety of different camps for different age groupings, presenting different age-level-appropriate skills and techniques for maximum enjoyment and enrichment!

You can view our Specialty Camp in Fashion Design by scrolling below (Pottery Specialty Camps are listed on a different page) – we are also open to trying new things if there is enough interest – use our contact form to tell us more.

Each specialty camp is limited to 10 campers per week.

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Specialty camp: Fashion Design

Type: Specialty Camps
Provider: Lauren Acton
Day/Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Cost: $275 per week, which includes all supplies.

July 30-August 3 from 9am-12pm — Fashion Design Camp (ages 7 -12)

Learn how to design a complete fashion collection with NYC/Paris trained Lauren Acton. You will learn how to draw and design your own collection for a client and build presentation boards to keep and show friends/family and maybe enter a Fashion Contest!

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Add 12:00-4:00pm in our Creative Arts Summer Day Camp and create a full-day camp experience for only $170 more!

Fashion Design camp

Fashion Desgn Camp-2

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