Music Groups


The Center on Central offers music groups for children of various ages, from infants through age 5 on Saturdays. Weekday daytime groups are also offered to accommodate homeschoolers up to 5th grade.

Private music lessons are also available.

Read Lynne Hockenbury’s article entitled “Why Music?

“Thank you so much for offering this music group. My son loves singing so much at home. He loves to sing all the traditional favorite songs which you sing with the group, along with a few unusual ones that he has heard and picked up from family and from popular kids’ music. His latest favorite is from the Muppets soundtrack. The words he will sing over and over are ‘I have everything I need right here in front of me.’ He falls asleep to his daddy often singing what he calls the moon song – with Ernie saying he doesn’t want to live on the moon; a visit may be nice but would miss all the people he loves if he lived there. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you providing this opportunity and working and explaining everything to us adults. Thanks a million times over.” K.M., a mom who enrolled her son in one of our music groups

“Just wanted to share this with you. We play your CD – “Sing Along with Katie” – almost daily to my son, who is 15 months old. We were going through a picture book with a page full of instruments and he started making sounds “ah, ah, ah”. He kept doing it until I realized it sounded just like the Silly Sound Song. I played the CD right away on track 3 and heard him “sing” with a huge smile on his face. Amazing!

Thank you so much, it was one of these cute mom moments that I will never forget!” I.F., a mom who enrolled her son in one of our music groups

And via Google: “My two year old daughter and I took the Mommy & Me Music Class and we both loved it! Ms. Lynne is fantastic with the children. The fact that the children actually got to experiment with a multitude of instruments was a big plus for me. We’ve been to many other music classes in the area and this is by far the BEST!”