Offerings for Adults

The Center on Central offers POTTERY KIDS’ NIGHT OUT – enjoy a night out while your children enjoy exploring their creativity at The Center on Central on the selected Fridays, October-April, from 6:00pm-9:00pm – click here for more details

Introduction to Ceramics (for adults)

Type: Pottery
Group: Adults
Provider: Nicole Lee
Day/Time: Wednesday, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Cost: $25 per class when signing up for a full 6-class set, plus $40 materials fee.
Individual/drop-in sessions: drop-ins/non-consecutive class attendance accepted if space available at $40 per class (includes materials) - please call ahead

This class will cover the basic techniques to working with clay. This is a perfect class for beginners or those who want to improve their skills.

We will cover new skills every class including handbuilding with slabs, coils and pinching. We will also spend one class on the potter’s wheel learning to throw pots!

We will spend some time learning about glazing and surface decoration to help you give your finished pieces a unique flair. Students can expect to complete one piece per class on average.

Baker Industries 2013-1

Class is limited to 8 participants.

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Music Lessons

Type: Music Lessons
Group: Adults, Elementary School, High School, Homeschool, Kindergarten, Middle School
Provider: Katie Opher, Lynne Hockenbury
Day/Time: By Appointment, Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Cost: $30 for 30-minute lesson, $45 for 45-minute lesson, $60 for 1-hour lesson.

If you have not had success with music lessons in the past, or might be intimidated by the prospect of learning a new skill, you will want to try taking lessons with us here at The Center on Central. Our teachers work with your learning style and utilize creative techniques to ensure successful musical experiences.

While acknowledging that there is a basic curriculum necessary for musical knowledge and growth, we make sure to provide literature and instruction that is age-appropriate. Students learn the instrument of their choice, but also have the option to use their theory and skills on xylophones, drums and other rhythm instruments we have in our studio. Many students learn chord progressions in a relatively short span of time, and are playing entire songs and even writing songs within a month.

We offer piano lessons to children starting at age 4 ½, guitar lessons beginning at age 7, voice lessons beginning at age 10 – and continuing into adulthood – and have instructors available for other instruments based on your inquiry and a brief telephone interview.

Read Lynne Hockenbury’s article entitled “Why Music?



At the end of the program year, we have a recital for those who want to participate:

Cost is $30 for a 30-minute individual private lesson.

Pottery - Private and Semi-Private Wheel Instruction for beginners

Type: Pottery
Group: Adults, Elementary School, High School, Middle School
Cost: $35 per class based on 5 registrants, $40 per class based on 4 registrants, $50 per class, based on 3 registrants, $60 per class, based on 2 registrants - or $90 per class for private class, plus $10 per person, per class materials fee. Deposit: $100.
Individual/drop-in sessions: By appointment, but individual classes can be custom-scheduled

Class is limited to 1-5 individuals, and runs 90 minutes.

There is a 60-minute option for children ages 8-12 only. Pricing runs $25 per class based on 5 registrants, $30 per class based on 4 registrants, $35 per class, based on 3 registrants, $45 per class, based on 2 registrants – or $60 per class for a private class.

Times available by appointment – Please complete the “Contact Us” form. We will contact you to learn more about your needs and your schedule.

Pottery: Wheel and Handbuilding (teens and adults)

Group: Adults, High School
Provider: Alison Bongiorno
Cost: $25 per class, with 6-class minimum, plus $40 materials fee. Deposit: $50.

This course will explore the potter’s wheel, cover handbuilding approaches to clay, along with techniques of surface decoration. Beginning and advanced students are welcome.

Spring pottery planter

We are currently fielding inquiries for Pottery: Wheel and Handbuilding (teens and adults) to determine if we have enough interest to run a class; please feel free to submit your contact information below in order that we may reach out to you when we are able to begin the class.

Watercolor class

Type: Art (Other)
Group: Adults, Elementary School, High School
Provider: Lauren Acton
Day/Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Cost: $15 per class, with 6-class minimum. Deposit: $50.

Paint what you love with watercolor!

Study space, composition and shading using water-based paints.

A new still life setup will be provided to use as a subject - or students may use outside references, such as photos or magazine tear-outs, to bring paintings to life.

We will discuss technical aspects of painting and focus on drawing, values, edges and color. We will also discuss simple structural drawing and then put the theory into practice by creating watercolor paintings on paper. 

This class is for all ages and all levels.

Supply list provided before class.

Click above to register for this program.