Elizabeth Streit (Zumba® Fitness Instructor)


Elizabeth Streit is a licensed Zumba® instructor. Elizabeth loves teaching Zumba® – because every class feels like a party!

Elizabeth was born and raised in Mexico, and has been living in the United States for the last 14 years. Her favorite hobby is exercise, and she is passionate about helping others along their own personal fitness journey. Elizabeth says “I was overweight since childhood, until 9 years ago, when I started exercising regularly, eating more healthy foods and maintaining a positive self-image. My personal workout routine now is a mix of BodyCombat (cardio kickboxing), spinning, total body conditioning, yoga and ZUMBA®.”

Elizabeth loves to dance – so when she discovered ZUMBA® about two years ago, she decided to become an instructor and help people get fit. Elizabeth grew up dancing to a lot of Latin and other rhythms; her parents always played music and danced with her and her siblings at home and parties. “Dance is a fun workout – you forget about your worries and get connected with yourself through the music. ZUMBA® has three elements which make it stand apart from other exercise program – It’s easy to follow, fun and energetic – I call it ‘exercise in disguise.’”

Elizabeth is also certified in Zumba Kids®. Kids love to see their parents dance so they can join the party, too!. It’s great for girls and boys – in fact, Elizabeth has three boys of her own, who inspired her to bring Zumba Kids® to this age group.

Elizabeth’s other certifications include Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold and Aqua Zumba, as well as BodyCombat, which is a Mixed Martial Arts fitness program that targets all areas of the body, and has been choreographed to the coolest music to help students get connected and a great workout.

As the ZUMBA® motto says: “Ditch the workout and join the party” – with Elizabeth at The Center on Central.