CAMP 24 – Our Creative Arts & Social Skills Summer Day Camp


CAMP 24 is a concept developed by The Center on Central and Program Director Katie Opher that utilizes creative arts therapies in a group setting to practice social skills in fun and realistic situations.

(Read more about how creative arts are beneficial to developing social skills; also read Katie Opher’s article featured in the April 2011 issue of Chester County Intermediate Unit’s KIDS Magazine, on page 30)


Creative arts activities that promote meaningful social interactions

Up to 4 fun-filled weeks of music, art, dance/movement, yoga, pottery and team games led by our creative arts therapists and instructors

Daily social skills lesson with practice assignments and take-home sheets

No prior arts experience needed – we structure the groups for success

Group size will be limited to ensure at most a 6:1 child:staff ratio

The Center on Central is wheelchair-accessible on our ground floor and is air-conditioned

“CAMP 24 was great! I got to learn my social skills in a friendly place. I had popcorn and made new friends. And I learned that music and drumming help me relax!”
a happy camper

Join us for a Summer of Fun!

Parents/Grandparents say:

Camp 24 has been a safe and fun place for my son to learn some necessary social skills. I love the sheet that comes home every day outlining the terms you use to teach the skill so we can practice at home. We have been using “Whole Body Listening” as a much better way of ask our child to pay attention and “thinking with your eyes” is such a wonderful way to ask him to stay focused. We are looking forward to him returning the 2nd week of August as his first 2 weeks were so successful. THANK YOU!

– Parent of a 2nd grader

I have sent my grandson to CAMP 24, and he loves it! His first summer, he was 7 years old and socially immature. CAMP 24 helped him use words to communicate feelings instead of acting out. The improvement in his relationships with children his age and in his behavior was remarkable. I highly recommend the Center on Central for children who are creative, and may have special needs, and for the professional, well-trained staff who support each child to bring out the best in the children.

– Grandparent of a 4th grader

Our son has been happy this summer! You make the social skills lesson real and relate to his real life, but he doesn’t feel like he is in therapy group all morning. He is usually tough to get up in the morning, but coming to Camp 24 has not been a struggle at all – he’s ready to go and be with the new friends he has made. This age is a difficult one for any kid, but with your help, my son is feeling confident and ready to tackle 7th grade with some very useful tools, thanks to your lessons at Camp 24. We will be back next year!!

– Parent of a 7th grader

A school official says:

We’ve had such a positive experience with the students we have sent to CAMP 24. I am encouraging my teachers to consider your program this year for additional students. You were so attentive and flexible on student needs – it has been a great experience for everyone!

– A local school special education supervisor

IN 2018, CAMP 24 MEETS 4 SEPARATE WEEKS WITH THE FOLLOWING THEMES (Kindergarten-4th grade and 5th grade and up meet in separate groups and spaces, Mondays-Thursdays 8:30am-11:30am):

June 18-21 “Being in a Group”

• “Reading” the group
• Joining the group
• Thinking about others
• Communicating clearly in a group

August 6-9 “Stress Management Toolbox”

• What is stress?
• Put your “oxygen” mask on first (what do YOU need)
• Relaxation techniques
• Personal stress management plans

August 13-16 “Grit and Perseverance”

• What does it mean to persevere?
• When do you continue to try and when do you know you’ve done enough
• How to push through when it’s hard
• Developing “grit”

August 20-23 “Adaptability and Flexibility”

• When do you need to be flexible?
• How to cope when things don’t go your way
• Just breathe
• Personal coping tools

Cost is $300 per 4-day week (AM or PM).

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