CAMP 24 – Our Creative Arts & Social Skills Summer Day Camp (old landing page from 2013)

It has come to our attention that Google uses this as a landing page reference for CAMP 24. Unfortunately, this page contains the 2013 schedule. Please click here to be directed to the 2015 CAMP 24 schedule.

CAMP 24 is a concept developed by The Center on Central and Program Director Katie Opher that utilizes creative arts therapies in a group setting to practice social skills in fun and realistic situations.

(Read more about how creative arts are beneficial to developing social skills; also read Katie Opher’s article featured in the April 2011 issue of Chester County Intermediate Unit’s KIDS Magazine, on page 30)



Creative arts activities that promote meaningful social interactions

Up to 9 fun-filled weeks of music, art, dance/movement, yoga, pottery and team games led by our creative arts therapists and instructors

Daily social skills lesson with practice assignments and take-home sheets

No prior arts experience needed – we structure the groups for success

Group size will be limited to ensure at most a 6:1 child:staff ratio

The Center on Central is wheelchair-accessible on our ground floor and is air-conditioned

“CAMP 24 was great! I got to learn my social skills in a friendly place. I had popcorn and made new friends. And I learned that music and drumming help me relax!”
a camper

Join us for a Summer of Fun!

Parents say:

Camp 24 has been a safe and fun place for my son to learn some necessary social skills. I love the sheet that comes home every day outlining the terms you use to teach the skill so we can practice at home. We have been using “Whole Body Listening” as a much better way of ask our child to pay attention and “thinking with your eyes” is such a wonderful way to ask him to stay focused. We are looking forward to him returning the 2nd week of August as his first 2 weeks were so successful. THANK YOU!

– Parent of a 2nd grader

I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your team for giving my son such a wonderful summer experience at Camp 24. I felt like he was in a safe and loving environment, where he was treated with respect. Your staff doesn’t just “deal with” children who have differences, they embrace the child for the person they are. I am so thankful to have found such a great niche amongst all the “typical” summer camps in our area.

– Parent of a 3rd grader

I wanted to thank you for a great camp experience for my daughter. She suffered a bad concussion, and was in and out of school over a year because of it. As a result, her impulsivity has been a major challenge for her. I am happy to have more camp weeks coming up for her at The Center on Central, as your curriculum is amazing and just what we needed. I appreciate receiving your progress notes home as well, which has been very helpful.

– Parent of a 4th grader

Our son has been happy this summer! You make the social skills lesson real and relate to his real life, but he doesn’t feel like he is in therapy group all morning. He is usually tough to get up in the morning, but coming to Camp 24 has not been a struggle at all – he’s ready to go and be with the new friends he has made. This age is a difficult one for any kid, but with your help, my son is feeling confident and ready to tackle 7th grade with some very useful tools, thanks to your lessons at Camp 24. We will be back next year!!

– Parent of a 7th grader


CAMP 24 has concluded for the summer of 2013 – thank you for another successful year! We will see you again in 2014…please check back on this site in early 2014 for our CAMP 24 themes and registration information. In the meantime, please feel free to browse this page to become more familiar with CAMP 24, or call us at 610-710-1487 to discuss further or to schedule a tour of The Center on Central.

2013 CAMP 24 THEMES:

June 24-27 “Transitioning to summer”
• Summer vs. School — How to change and go with the flow
• How to handle boring moments
• Teamwork vs. Friendship
• How to approach new people and new situations




July 8-11 “How to be in a Group”
• Looking at the whole group
• Think next
• Look first/Observe the situation
• How to be in a group/How to think about a group

At CAMP 24, we learned and demonstrated that just as all sorts of different fish can live in the sea  together, so too can our campers who come from different backgrounds and with different challenges, get along and share our camp space together

At CAMP 24, we learned and demonstrated that just as all sorts of different fish can live in the sea together, so too can our campers – who come from different backgrounds and with different challenges – get along and share our space together in the “CAMP 24 Aquarium.”


July 15-18 “Filtering your Thoughts”
• Being predictable is not boring
• Avoiding being unpredictable
• To say or not to say
• When to share/not share thoughts


July 22-25 “Body Awareness I – Space” – AM session only
• Exploring your space (personal boundaries, how much space do you need)
• Negotiating uncomfortable body space folks
• Your space in certain situations
• Group awareness


July 29-August 1 “Friendship”
• The friendship road/ladder
• Boundaries
• How to decide how to move along in friendship
• Thinking about others


August 5-8 “Stress Management”
• What is stress? What are your stressors?
• How do we handle heated moments?
• Self-modulation
• How to let it “roll off your back”


August 12-15 “Body Awareness – II”
• Recognizing sensations and emotions
• Recognizing non-verbal cues
• How fast/slow does your engine run?
• How big a deal is it, really?


August 19-22 “Tools to Calm Yourself” – SOLD OUT…we recommend considering August 5-8 “Stress Management,” which covers similar themes
• When is your engine “overheating?”
• Slowing down and cooling off?
• Other techniques to keep calm
• Energy/self modulation


August 26-29 “Transitions from Summer to School Year”
• How to handle schedule changes
• How to accept change the best we can


CAMP 24 MEETS DAILY, MONDAY-THURSDAY from 8:30am-11:30am (for ages 6-13) and from 1:00pm-4:00pm (for ages 13-18), CAMP 24 is open to children ages 6-18 after application and interview.

Cost is $300 per week, with a 2-week minimum required (does not have to be consecutive). There is an additional once-per-summer $200 administrative assessment fee if IEP review is needed and if progress monitoring specific to IEP goals is required.

In addition, where placement in our afternoon (1:00pm-4:00pm) Creative Arts Summer Day Camp – featuring Young Rembrandts and more – is appropriate, we invite you to enroll separately in that program, and receive extended Lunch Bunch (from 11:30am-1:00pm) for the cost of the regularly scheduled Lunch Bunch ($20 per week).