Daddy’s Spirit

Ron Opher, co-founder of The Center on Central, also founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Daddy’s Spirit Moves Me Forward in September 2005.

Daddy’s Spirit’s mission was to provide educational and recreational experiences to children whose fathers had died.

Daddy’s Spirit helped quite a few children and families along the way, with Ron serving as the organization’s Executive Director (on a volunteer basis) throughout. When Ron notified the Daddy’s Spirit Board of Directors that he could not continue in that role due to health issues, the Board voted to disband Daddy’s Spirit.

The Center on Central will serve as a repository of information originally posted on the Daddy’s Spirit website, which had occupied the domain on the internet.

“Riding on My Daddy’s Shoulders” – the story of Daddy’s Spirit


Bonus Time” – An insight into the founder’s story and how it shaped the creation of Daddy’s Spirit


Event articles and photos

News clippings

Poetry and song lyrics created for/licensed to Daddy’s Spirit

Memory Wall” – fathers recognized by donations to Daddy’s Spirit

The case for Daddy’s Spirit – a worthy mission for a worthy constituency


DS brochure photo

This photo graces the front and back cover of the brochure we created to explain and introduce the Daddy’s Spirit organization.

Download a full-color pdf version of the brochure

(design by Max Lieberman; printing courtesy of Blue Dog Printing & Design)