As we phase out the 10% membership discount program (for which we charged $49-99 depending on the timing of the membership purchase), The Center on Central introduces its new Friends & Family Discount Program.

How it works:

Each Friends & Family Discount Group can have up to 6 families in it.

One person is the group leader. The group leader can invite up to 5 individuals/families by providing us a name, phone number and e-mail address. We will then contact the people you invite and verify that they will accept your invitation.

Once the group is identified, we will keep track of your Center on Central purchases among the group. At each interval where the group spend is $500, we will e-mail each group member a unique discount code at 5% intervals. So if the group spend reaches $500, the 5% discount code will be valid the remainder of the calendar year. If the group later reaches $1000 in Center on Central purchases, a new 10% discount code will be issued. This discount keeps growing in $500 spend/5% discount intervals until a 50% maximum discount is reached. On January 1 of the following year, the discount ends, the group members are asked whether they want to continue, and new tracking of spending and new discounts start again.